Press Release

Fiona Is Following Her Bliss

“You are a hard person to track down these days” said Dawn Breslin the creator of the Harmonizing Process.

Dawn and Fiona both come from the beautiful historic capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh. They are catching up in the Rocky Mountains of Canada.  Dawn is the the writer of the Harmonizing Magazine and is interviewing Fiona for the 2019 winter edition.

“I have always wanted to come back to the magical snowy mountains ever since living here nearly 10 years ago. It is so good to bring the children, I love it.” said fiona excitedly

“Life was quite different when I lived here before, I hadn’t done the harmonizing retreat or the master key system. It was the a key time in my life when I started to following my own way in life and break away from the conditions of my upbringing. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and knew I wanted to go down a more entrepreneurial path.”

The mood was very relaxed as they sat by an open fire in a cosy lodge.  Keira and Cooper,  Fiona’s adorable children, are settled in the middle of the floor drawing pictures.  Fiona is sitting beside her handsome husband, she is looking the picture of health and full of vitality.”

“My magical” said Fiona.  It is so great to be living a life and being able to help so many other”

It was back in 2015 when when Dawn and Fiona first met at her Kettlebell class.  “When you gave me the coaching and I went on the Harmonizing Retreat, I was very much in the crux of network marketing.  I couldn’t see any other path for me. I was getting in touch with want I wanted but I would let go of the hype.  It was like I was trying to live everyone else’s dreams” Fiona said looking down at her feet

Dawn introduced living in more flow not trying to reach a destination instead go on a journey of discovery.  Similarly like the Master Key System it is about discovering your own desires, to think for yourself and focus on how you feel.  Create the intention and let your powerful subconscious mind do it’s best.

Dawn got excited, “Yes, Fiona I love it. Getting in touch with your true essence, your heart desires and listen to your inner voice”

Living your life with the intention to feel good can be very different from the mainstream personal development world. “When I was outward focussed I felt like I was following other people’s dreams and trying to make them my own.” said Fiona

“Yes it can be a big step to truly listen to your own desire and be able to follow your bliss”.  Where has it taken you fiona?”, asked Dawn

“I had to go through quite a bit of struggle first. I spend a lot of money on trying to “better” myself, trying to propel my network marketing business forward.  I wanted the instant fix without putting the real work in.” said Fiona

“What is the real work?” Dawn said smiling

“The real work is looking deep inside yourself to find out what you really want and letting your powerful subby do what it does best to get it”.

So by going through the 6 month Master Key System Fiona was able to reach her full potential.

What Changed?

“I started to follow what got me excited and it is property, I am good at investing” said Fiona

“I also have a strong desire to help people and so I stared to share my passion for health and fitness online.  I did it to express my purpose of being creative and as a result I am getting recognised for it.  I wanted to contribute my knowledge and passion and give the information away.  The response has been wonderful”.

“The property business is booming and I love the legacy I am creating.  The best of it is this is all just the beginning.  We are now expanding the online reach to help more Mums be fitter, healthier, happier and financially free. The children and I are traveling the world and I love that my family are financially free.  The difference that is being made by the online resources for Mums is a dream come true.