Week 16 – Keeping your promises and take action

Isn’t it difficult to keep doing what we said we were going to do, to keep taking the action.  If we are not being consistent then we are holding on to the old blueprint.  We need to keep chipping away at it.

When we focused on kindness in the mastermind, the kindnesses grew and grew and multiplied.

We cannot get what we want if we concentrate on the lack.

It’s the monkey trap, we must focus on freedom not the banana.

The monkey trap

Entertain only desirable thoughts.

Turn the other cheek.

Let go of the filters that are stopping you from answering your true calling.  Hear the whispers of your heart.




Week 15 – Awareness is the beginning of change

To release the giant within focus on who you want to become.  We know what we focus on will grow.

If we want to be lose weight then focus on eating better meals.

If we want to show more kindness then focus on the kindness we see in others and we will draw it from ourselves.


Many people fail when they make new years resolutions because they are focusing on what they do not want and they will just get more of it.

It is a choice we have is what we focus on .  If we are feeling anger can we focus on what is making us angry or do we look within and find out what we need and express that.

Fear and excitement does as the same effect to our body; sweaty palms and our heart races.  We have a choice on what we perceive these feeling to be.  Being the observer. We can train ourselves to be less judgemental, less opinionated less affected by conditions and focus on what we want to become. slide_6


Week 14 – Harmony of the mind

Harmony comes from the world within and will directly affect the world without.  If our thoughts are in harmony, we have positive and constructive thoughts.  Theses thoughts will initiate action that will shape our lives for the good.  If we have negative and destructive thoughts then this will encourage action that will shape our lives for the worst.

Our thoughts can have many filters on them that are effects from our past or reacting to events that happen to us.  If we can control our focus and only give attention on the good in our lives then the bad will dissipate. If we focus on nature and see that we are connected to the world and the bigger consciousness we can quiet our mind and connect to the harmony of infinite intelligence.

Week 13 – Persistence

Persistence is a definite plan expressed in physical action

It is not a characteristic we are born with, it is not something we have or don’t have.  It can’t be given away.  It can’t be won.

Persistence is when we focus on getting better than we were yesterday.  It is when we go after something of meaning to us.  It is knowing that it is possible when everyone else might not see it.

Persistence is learning to walk when we are a baby.  It is moving forward regardless.  It is saying yes when everyone else is saying no.  It is failing time and time again until you succeed.  It is learning from your mistakes.  It is taking part.  It is enjoying the journey.  Persistence



Week 12 – Courage and Faith

The courage comes when you know exactly what you want and their is the enjoyment and the excitement there about going to get it.

The faith comes when you know you are prepared and you have practiced.

It’s the law of substitution, you can’t think of two things at ones.

It’s all about the feelings we attached to things.  We can choose excitement or fear.  We can choose to practice and grow or you can choose to think you only have the skills you have and stay fixed.  But we know now can learn and grow.

Therefore I would rather be growing and learning while being happy.  It’s not the destination that matters it’s the person we become while we are getting there.

Week 11 – Building Character

Be more concerned about your character

As John Wooden says our character is what we really are.  We are building our character with the Master Key System.  If we want persistence.  It is not a case of just not quitting because not quitting can still mean we are not doing anything and standing still. We need persistent action because knowledge does not apply itself, we need to act.  Persistence comes from taking action, our habits.  We can learn it, we can teach it to others. It can be part of our character by taking the daily steps to great the habit of persistence towards our purpose. Our plan is our continuous action and we exclude all negativity by following the 7 day diet.  The Mastermind keeps us connected and encourages us to follow through with both plan and purpose.

If we look at nature especially the Monarch butterfly when it transfors and travels 1000s of miles, it persists.  It doesn’t make excuses, it goes for it’s survival.  It doesn’t say it is too hot today or I can’t be bothered or I did too much yesterday. It persits it succeeds.  We are part of nature and we can easily tap into this power for persistent action that is within us.

My DMP is to build a property portfolio and I love the action I have been taking towards this.  Lately I have noticed a lot more how negative attitudes do have an effect on me even if they are unrelated to my purpose.  I have been kindly declining being around negativity.  And I realise the people I have been moving towards and connecting with more are like a mastermind for my DMP. This is fantastic.

Week 10 – Success Hides Behind The Next Bend

Do it wrong to get it right

When I was reading scroll two everyday I had love in my heart.  It was oozing out of me.  I had started a new relationship and we were in the honeymoon period everything was sweet.  My DMP was materialising and it felt amazing.  However, like anything that you focus too much on, I started to get a bit too obsessed with this new person in my life. I started to care too much about what was happening in his life and it was overriding what was best for myself and my family.  It has came to ahead and it was a little bit rough for a patch.  The great things is I have got back and focussed on the Master Key Experience and the lessons have got greater meaning.  The success was there it just had to be realised by some experiences that did get me off balance first.  I had to get it wrong to really appreciate getting it right.

Applying the knowlege

It is so easy to read through the DMP, try the mental diet, read Og etc but applying it all the time is the skill that must to be practiced to be mastered.  It’s that fork in the road the choice; we have at every interaction. At the moment I find it so easy when I am on my own but as soon as people are around me that’s when it becomes challenging.  I am still holding on to expectations of them.  It’s time to let that go and love all of mankind.

Love can set you free


Week 9 – Just do it

In week 9 we discover the reasons why we doing the exercise and how it all influences subby. It all makes sense so why am I not consistently doing the exercises?Why am I continue to create drama in my life? I am worth it for sure and the key to moving forward is to appreciating what I have.  There are so many blessings here already.  If I look at what I haven’t got then that creates fear whereas appreciation is love.  My old blueprint is holding on. It is time to let go and propel myself forward.  No more excuses.  The time is now.  I can do this.

your more than enoughBe worth it

Week 8 (cont) – We are always making a choice so be the observer

Making a choice

The choices we make determine the result.  The result doesn’t matter but the choices do.  We want to stay on the right track. So the point of knowing what you want is not the getting it, it is having it at the forefront of your mind so that you make the right choices and there are always forks in the road.  Knowing what you want and who you want to be so that you can be “A new person, with a new life”.  So that you take the right fork in the road.  We are addicted to the same peptides.  Override the peptides that are not working for us by changing the stimulus and so changing the choice and the result.

There are times that I let other people make decisions for me.  I can be passive or a little too fluid.  I can put my trust in them when they are not thinking about what’s best for us.  When things have not gone to plan for me because I have not made the right choices for me (letting someone else make a choice is still a choice). Then I can get in to circumstances that don’t please me.  The result is then I feel self-pity because I could have been in a better situation but I made the wrong choice and it is too late to change it.  I think my old blue print may be addicted to self-pity.  Knowing that I can change this by making more choices that are based on my definite major purpose and not giving full control to someone else is a good break through.  Having people who come into your life who share the same goals is great as you can’t do everything yourself but it needs to be determined what common goals you are sharing or it is not going to work.

Be the observer

By being the observer we can see the little small often insignificantHow do you eat an elephant decisions that take us closer to what we want or further away from what we want. It all compounds over time and there is no quick fix. It’s the small steps over time.  We cannot manage time, we can only manage ourselves. What we are doing with our time could be earning us £5 or £55000. My future self is depends on what I consistently do today.

Week 8 – Manifesting my Dreams

Manifest your dreamsIt has been three weeks since I have written my last blog.  I am behind and it doesn’t feel good but I am determined to get back on track.  In my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) I wanted to meet and special person in my life who is loving and open.  It feels amazing that this person now in my life.  It has only been a few months since reading my DMP daily and only starting to write it at the end of September.  Things have progressed quickly.  The focus I have placed on other aspects of my DMP have taken priority too and life has just got even busier.  It is great and I feel good, however I need to realign my focus on what I want because I will lose my purpose otherwise.  The great thing about knowing what you want is it can make things and people manifest so much faster. You recognise who and what is for you and who isn’t.  When you don’t have the clarity the distractions that are everywhere can suddenly start to appeal to you.  I know what I have to do.  I need to create a plan for my time and tasks and stick to the plan.  I have an amazing opportunity and I do not want to give up on it.  I am a work in progress and I am progressing. Gordon&Fiona