Week 23 – Mastering my emotions

This has been a big week.  I definitely feel as though I am mastering my emotions.  For someone who has always been “emotional” and “sensitive” this is life changing.  Instead of sinking in a pool of my emotions I am seeing the bigger picture more often. This does feel fantastic.


It is tough not to share my opinions and it is tough not to defend.  Especially when there is a particular person close to me who is extremely judgemental.  But what is amazing is I have been defending myself for so long and now life is easier because I can let go of all. I can let them be the person they want to be in their own universe. It doesn’t have to be my world anymore. When you realise that the reason they are judging is because of my previous defending it’s a big aha moment.  I have created the world around me and now I can change that. I have the power in my hands.  I love it.

I still want to find my one thing even and I still feel constrained my time.  However I am focussing on the action and that feels good.  I plan to go in to the silence for 3 days in the Easter holidays, which I am looking forward.

This entire course has been life changing.  So grateful.


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