Week 22 – Silence is Golden

You wouldn’t really think that switching off from the outside world would be so difficult but it seems to be.  There is always something to do or someone to connect to.  However, I have persistence and I will do it.


As I have said in previous weeks blogs, I feel as though I have got so much more inside me to give.  I want to be, do and have so much. Wait a minute! You can have anything you want but you can’t have EVERYTHING you want.  Isn’t that the truth.  It takes focus to access the power I need to move forward.  Clarity to know what I want and persistence.  I know I have persistence and I am clear on what I want, I just need to focus daily on moving forward.  The silence will help.




2 thoughts on “Week 22 – Silence is Golden

  1. found you on the blog roll. Thank you for posting your link. I enjoyed reading your journey through your words. Thank you for writing and for sticking it out, you have made it this far. You know what you know…. You are Whole Strong Perfect Powerful Loving Harmonious and Happy….


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