Week 24 – Living in Harmony and with Vitality

I can be what I will to be

I am truly amazed at how things are transforming for me.  I love how I am getting more done and being more productive. I feel happier and things are working out for me.  I feel as though I am living with more ease.  My percepective has changed and my outlook.  I’m going with the flow more and letting things happen. In general I am observing more with less judgement.  Which is still very difficult and quite a challenge.

In my business I am getting more opportunities coming my way.  I am enjoying teaching my classes and they are getting better and better.  As a result I am getting great feedback from my clients.  I am teaching with such ease.  It is so much fun.

I am also committed to keep going and moving forward.  I know I can do more and keep working on my new blueprint.  My old blueprint still comes up but I can observe this and make changes.

If you are reading this and considering doing the Master Key Experience then I would say just go for it.  You don’t know what you don’t know and you will learn so much about yourself and just how amazing you are.  This has been a life changing experience and I recommend it to everyone.

Fiona x







Week 23 – Mastering my emotions

This has been a big week.  I definitely feel as though I am mastering my emotions.  For someone who has always been “emotional” and “sensitive” this is life changing.  Instead of sinking in a pool of my emotions I am seeing the bigger picture more often. This does feel fantastic.


It is tough not to share my opinions and it is tough not to defend.  Especially when there is a particular person close to me who is extremely judgemental.  But what is amazing is I have been defending myself for so long and now life is easier because I can let go of all. I can let them be the person they want to be in their own universe. It doesn’t have to be my world anymore. When you realise that the reason they are judging is because of my previous defending it’s a big aha moment.  I have created the world around me and now I can change that. I have the power in my hands.  I love it.

I still want to find my one thing even and I still feel constrained my time.  However I am focussing on the action and that feels good.  I plan to go in to the silence for 3 days in the Easter holidays, which I am looking forward.

This entire course has been life changing.  So grateful.

Week 22a – A harmonious life

I enjoyed the silence.  It was half the time that I would have wanted to be silent.  I  plan to be silent for the entire 72 hours when I can arrange the time for it.  It still a marvelous experience.  Some of what came out of the silence is I want to create an online programme incorporating exercise videos that will help people improve their fitness but start with how they think about themselves and the way they think about exercise and their health.  I would like to help people be in harmony with their body and mind so that they can have a wonderfully harmoniously happy life.

Think of your strength that is comingwallace-d-wattles-if-you-have-not-consciously-made-the-quote-on-storemypic-08caf

I finished my silence on Monday morning therefore did not listen to coffee with Mark until yesterday.  It was astounding to me that the webinar was talking about the very subject I had been thinking about in my silence.  As a result I would love to find a mastermind group who will want to work on the Wallace D Wattle trilogy starting with the Science of being Well.  I have started to listen to it.  It is very much in line with the way I have been thinking and the experience I have had on my fitness and health journey over the years.

He who fears not has plenty of time

Coming out of the silence was a challenge.  I felt overwhelmed with a lot of stuff I seem to have to do but feel it is unable to focus on what I want to do. Thankfully the alliance was there to help and I posted on there to get feedback and reminded about love and gratitude.

I can feel things shifting and changing and I am getting more clarity around where my focus needs to be.  I am digging in.

Fiona x

Close some doors





Week 22 – Silence is Golden

You wouldn’t really think that switching off from the outside world would be so difficult but it seems to be.  There is always something to do or someone to connect to.  However, I have persistence and I will do it.


As I have said in previous weeks blogs, I feel as though I have got so much more inside me to give.  I want to be, do and have so much. Wait a minute! You can have anything you want but you can’t have EVERYTHING you want.  Isn’t that the truth.  It takes focus to access the power I need to move forward.  Clarity to know what I want and persistence.  I know I have persistence and I am clear on what I want, I just need to focus daily on moving forward.  The silence will help.