Week 21 – We are nature’s greatest miracle

We must first become the observer.  We must observe our own thoughts and see where our imagination takes us.  What gets us excited, what gives us a spark.  It is our herald. It is our calling. What inspires us? That my friend is our ideal. If we refuse to listen to it then it might just get louder and louder. If we do listen to it then what? Who do I want to be? What would the person I want to become do next.


If seems as though for the first time I am properly considering being the person I truly want to be. I’m listening to my truth. It really feels good.  It feels like it needs to be about giving more of me; my knowledge,  my skills and sharing how I feel so that I can inspire others. Like in nature we don’t look at others are doing we follow our own path we can get in to our own flow.  Follow our own bliss.  Be happy.






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