Week 15 – Awareness is the beginning of change

To release the giant within focus on who you want to become.  We know what we focus on will grow.

If we want to be lose weight then focus on eating better meals.

If we want to show more kindness then focus on the kindness we see in others and we will draw it from ourselves.


Many people fail when they make new years resolutions because they are focusing on what they do not want and they will just get more of it.

It is a choice we have is what we focus on .  If we are feeling anger can we focus on what is making us angry or do we look within and find out what we need and express that.

Fear and excitement does as the same effect to our body; sweaty palms and our heart races.  We have a choice on what we perceive these feeling to be.  Being the observer. We can train ourselves to be less judgemental, less opinionated less affected by conditions and focus on what we want to become. slide_6



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