Week 7 – Riding The Waves Of Change

This week I made changes to my Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs).  I added Liberty instead of recognition for creative expression.  It has made me a lot more excited when I am reading my Definite Major Purpose (DMP).  Liberty or freedom has always been a important need of mine. I have always like to travel, climb mountains and be my own boss.  All these things give me the feeling of freedom.

There are many aspects to liberty and freedom, not just in the practical sense such as having the time and money to go wherever I want when I want.  However, there are so many other ways that we can be constrained or confined.  Our thoughts can do that.  If we aren’t being who we want to be then it is most likely the opinions we have of ourselves or listening to the opinions of others that can stop us.  Opinion of yourself

The opinions of ourselves matter.  If we have a low opinion of ourselves then we can end being attracted to things that boost our self esteem.  It could be going out shopping and spending all our money on the latest fashion, spending time with friends that we want to be like even though they don’t treat us well, it could be addicted to drinking or taking drugs.  Whatever it is these habits are the opposite of freedom.  They keeps us doing the same things and getting the same results. As Mandino says : “the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits.”  This is what I have become aware of in myself and others people is not only my opinions (that I am still having trouble not sharing with others) but how these opinions are having an affect on their life and the habits they have created.  It can be easy to be swept up on their waves instead of creating my own.  Therefore, awareness in not starting these destructive habits in the first place is a massive step forward in the right direction.  Or even better is to create habits that feeds your self esteem.  In the last year I have done a firewalk twice which has been an amazing positive experience. it is easier to prevent bad habits


Week 6 – Keep Going

It’s been a tough week for getting things done. The time of the webinar for me is 9pm in Scotland and since the clocks have gone back I have fallen asleep during it. This has made it harder to catch up through the week and I feel like I’m getting behind. However, I’m keeping going. I am working on creating the habits to take me forward with my goals. I’m getting more clarity and focus. The old blueprint is still there but hopefully getting squished.

Getting the tasks done that enable me to follow my dharma is key and scheduling the time in is so important. It is my desire to get better. I love the compass and magnifying glass as a symbol of having lazor focus and be going in the right direction.

It is fasinating to learn that we need to make friends with our future self because that’s why we are going to make things happen. Love the gal in tge glass ❤6a104ac02b00d2971993365638ead498--sunday-inspiration-inspiration-to-keep-going