Week 5 – Awareness is the greatest agent for change

This week my awareness was expanded again which can be challenging.  I realise how many of my habits are pretty bad.   Yes bad habits can be replaced with good habits (here is one of my bad habits, using the word..) but I’ve been doing these bad habits for soooo long.

We were asked in the webinar this week to try not to give any options unless we were in a position where our options were necessary.  Trying not to be opinionated has been extremely difficult.  I have become aware of how many unsolicited opinions I dish out.  I seem to randomly want to share my opinion to others a lot.  Looking back it is like I push them on people yuk. For example it is the time of year when there is the option to get the flu vaccination.  There are two main opinions on whether to get your children done or not. I found myself sharing my opinion with someone who hadn’t even asked about it. I felt I should inform them.  I’m finding it very difficult to stop myself from sharing my opinions, however, I think it will be one of the most beneficial things I do. It will help me get closer to people instead of creating resistance in others. Also if I have options with others this also will mean I most likely have a lot of judgements/options that I put on myself.  How much am I probably judging myself?

I remember when I was a small child not being very opinionated.  I was an observer.  I thoughtyou had a purpose before anyone had an there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t opinionated like everyone else.  I know I can get back to that child like awareness.  It is going to take practice but I can do it! Continue reading “Week 5 – Awareness is the greatest agent for change”


Week 4 – This time I’m 100%

When you realise, like I did this week, how much your past can determine your future I knew I need to stop mucking about and start giving 100%.  So I did.  It was amazing the change in me from watching the video on Sunday.   By not giving 100% I was just letting the old programming of my subby affect my future.  As a result the new habits have become easier to do, not perfect but definitely much better.  Learning from the video created this change.  It also increased my awareness. If you can't control your mind

I’m noticing so many pattern in my own thinking and the effect they have on my outer world.  If I make decision based on what has happened in the past then this can bring the same results in my life.  There needs to be a leap of faith into believing there is a new and better outcome available.  Believing that I can be who I will to be. Getting the grit to move forward without the past programming. Letting go to be the observer.  I found myself getting quite angry about things this week.  Maybe this is the type of peptides I am addicted to.  The angry bursts have meant I would talk about the issue to friends (whatever it was) and go over them. Although I was focussed on a positive outcome it did seem like a waste of time.
When I think back to times of my life when I have succeeded in achieving more, it was times when I had less focus on the emotions because I was more determined to get the result.  This is when the end goal was more important that any feeling  that would come up that could hold me back.  Now, however, with what I have learned in the Master Keys I can use dual thought to focus on my DMP with positive feelings so that any negative emotions can dissipate. That’s the plan anyway.  Sounds easy right? I’m working on it.



The world is an illusion

Week 3 – When the going gets tough

InShot_20171013_080423958The week started off great.  Sunday’s webinar was brilliant.  For me all the concepts are quite easy for me to grasp this week.  I see the benefit of creating habits and how each habit gets easier and easier to do.  We just need the discipline to develop the habit in the first place. When we let our sub conscious mind go to work we have a greater chance of achieving our desires. However, breaking down the beliefs and programming is not so easy.  Then adding the emotion.  In my head I am emotional but when it comes to writing it all down it’s more difficult. The person that I see myself as is not the person I am expressing easily in my writing. I want to get better at it.  I would like to express myself more creatively using video and blogs.  Using emotion with stories is so powerful as it is how we communicate with our subconscious mind.  Like Mark said if we can take control of ours suby then we can influence others too. It would be wonderful to be able to do that consistently.  Getting better at being consistent and focussed is the key to my success for sure.

I went live on Facebook on Tuesday as I got excited from reading Mandino and also Haanel.  In the past I have worried too much about what other people think, and it has stopped me.  What matters most is the opinion I have of myself. Also I’ve had lots of excuses about why I can’t be consistent in business and posting on social media. It is time for all that to stop. I’m excited to be moving forward and getting control of my suby.








Week 2 – Getting Control Of Thoughts To Create The Life You Want.


How our thoughts have power

We have a choice we can react to the world around us or we can choose our thoughts and realise we have the power to create the world around us.

Our subconscious mind is much more powerful than our conscious mind.  It is like soil that needs to be planted with the right information.  If you plant weeds in the soil then that is what you will get.  If you plant a bulb and look after that bulb and nurture it then you will get a beautiful flower.  You reap what you sow so to speak.   We need to protect your mind from the outside influences that do not service us. We don’t want to cultivate the weeds.  By feeding our mind with simple instructions that cultivate positive thoughts and images then we realise that we are the farmers. It is not just skill and ability that enables us to get what we want.  It is the good habits that we form consistently that enables us to reach our goals.  Creating daily habits over time will become effortless.

We are always training our brain so we can either choose to train it with good habits or bad habits.  Let’s therefore be more conscious of what we are feeding our brain.


Getting closer to my definite major purpose

Over this week I have become much more conscious of what my Definite Major Purpose is in life.  I have always been interested in health and nutrition.  Even more so in my 20s when I had some health issues.  When I visited the Doctor a number of times I didn’t get the answers I was looking for.  That is when I went on my own journey of self discovery, I did my own research and managed to make a full recovery using exercise and good nutrition.  In my early 30s I went from being an computer engineer to retrain as a fitness instructor and Pilates teacher.  Over the years I have learned a great deal about nutrition and exercise.  As well has having a keen interested in self improvement.  When I joined a network marketing company I really loved learning how my mindset and attitude affects everything.  I am very lucky to be in good health.  At 40 I look better than I have ever have looked before and I have more energy than I ever have.  What I am realising is that for other people who are the same age as me they are not so lucky.  I met a friend who I hadn’t seen for 20 years and at 39 years old he has high cholesterol.  I met another friend who at 30 years old has gut problems.  I realise when it comes to my life purpose I can help these people to improve their health with the knowledge I have in nutrition.  In the past I may have compared myself to top nutritionists however compared to the average person my knowledge is very credible.  I would like to help people using social media as this is the best way to reach a lot of people.

箔-e-vziey-s-ask-p-hird-ea-at-we-thin-we-eatee-12267357The law of attraction

Let us go back to the power of our thoughts.  In particular how we manifest.

This week I had a sign of my powers of creation.

I had a dream. Like any dream it didn’t make sense.  I dreamt I was in a house I had just bought (there were no curtains and the kitchen was bare).  I had a glass of gin that I decided to set alight. It went on fire and I placed a wet cloth over the top of the class that put the flames out.  Then here comes the interesting part.  The next thing I woke up to my smoke alarms going off.  It was the middle of the night and there was no reason for this to happen.  This has never happened before.  Did my thoughts create this?  What do you think?

Fiona xx




Week 1 – Getting Started With The Master Key Experience And My 40th Birthday.


September is such a busy month for my family and I.  There are both my children’s birthdays and this year it was a special birthday of mine, my 40th.  Also on the 22nd of September I was my friend Gayle’s birth partner and saw the birth of her super cute and gorgeous daughter Eabha-Lily (pronounced Ava-Lily.)  A new September birthday to celebrate.  All this and the start of the Master Key Experience.

The first webinar was the day before my 40th birthday.  Turning 40 represents a time of my life where I can finally start being the person who I am meant to be.  I am more confident, I know more of what I want and I am less concerned of what others think.  I am more interested in how I feel about myself and want to get to know my true desires.

Over the past few years I have been doing a lot of work on self improvement.  As a result I always strive to think in a way that focussing on a positive outcome.  Having an optimistic approach and being less affected by negativity that can often surround me has helped improve my happiness.  I feel as though things are working out better for me.  I have managed to come through a lot and am doing well in my work within. I think the Master Key Experience is the next stage in my growth.

I am looking for more change in my life. I understand that my thoughts and feeling create my beliefs and we are who we believe we are.

“The world without is a reflection of the world within”

Trying to make myself take action and be consistent with it all starts with how I think. My thoughts about what I want and whether I believe I can get it. There are so many inconsistencies in my life. I am trying to do too much.  I want to let go of focusing on things that are not taking me to where I want to be.  The aim is to be ckear on my true heart desires and focus on them often so that my subconscious mind starts working on them. This is what I am starting to work on with the Master Key Experience.  Creating my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) this week was a first draft of getting my true heart desires on paper.  However, when I started writing it on Thursday by later on in the week I already want to change it which is fine. It will definitely evolve.

I am very excited for the growth that I will gain from doing this course.  I am committed to staying consistent and focussed.  It will be amazing to feel like I have more time to spend on what I really want to do and actually start seeing the results.